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Many problems affecting buildings today are often caused by inadequate ventilation. Here are the most common ventilation problems and how to solve them.

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Fogged Up Windows
In autumn, the windows of your home become foggy

Likely cause: In Northern countries, when the cold season begins, indoor windows have a tendency to become foggy when the humidity level inside the house is too high. Moist air, when in contact with a cold surface such as a glass pane, deposits its excess water. This explains the fogginess, water droplets and eventually the interior ice build up at the base of windows.

Practical solution: There are two ways to solve this problem:

Lowering the indoor moisture level to 40% RH or less.

Increasing the heating level to keep glass panes at a higher temperature.

The most practical solution is to lower the humidity level to 40% or less. This is usually done by installing a heat recovery ventilator. But be careful: All heat recovery ventilators are not evenly effective during autumn. When the outside air is very moist, a traditional passive heat recovery ventilator that only exchanges air between the inside and the outside will not help at all.

To get good results, whatever the season, the Minotair is probably your best choice. This air exchanger is different from other HRVs because it contains an active heat pump that has the power to extract water from the air. It works as a real dehumidifier, extracting moisture by condensation.

Frost on windows
During winter, frost and ice appear at the base of your windows. In the sun, the ice melts. Outcome: puddles on the windowsill and water dripping down the wall.

Likely cause: The temperature at the base of your windows is too low for the humidity level inside the house. Remember, in winter, the interior humidity level should be below 40% RH.

Practical solution: Lower the indoor humidity level to 40% RH or less with a heat recovery ventilator (Minotair). When the outside temperature is below -20C, maintaining an interior moisture level as low as 20% could be necessary to totally eliminate the ice build up on the windowsill. However, we must also take into consideration the well-being of the occupants and not keep the air too dry. In winter, 40% RH is usually regarded as comfort zone. This humidity level will not cause many problems for your windows even if the outside temperature falls occasionally very low.

It is also important to let warm air circulate around your windows. Don’t completely cover them with blinds or drapes. This prevents warm air circulation.

Damp Basement, especially in summer
During summer, your basement is really humid. Odors and mildew infect the air.

Likely cause: In summer, two sources can cause a high humidity level in the basement:

1. Outside air which contains a lot of moisture

2. Underground water. When the soil drains poorly, or when the foundation damproofing is inadequate, the underground water can pass through the foundation by capillary action.

Practical solution: Before attempting to dig around the house in order to replace the foundation drains or to redo the damproofing, which are very expensive undertakings, try first to dehumidify the basement air. For that job, the Minotair is an excellent choice. In 24 hours, it can extract many gallons of water from the ambient air. In addition, by continuously replacing stale air, odors will disappear, making the basement much more comfortable.

Asthma and allergies
You suffer from allergies or asthma

Likely cause: Many researchers suspect the diminishing air quality in buildings has caused the enormous increase in asthma cases. According to Science et Vie, March 1992, consultations at the emergency room of the Trousseau Hospital in Paris, increased from 14 in 1973 to 1093 in 1989. This increase coincides significantly with the beginning of energy saving measures in buildings.

Practical solution: The Minotair offers many advantages to relieve summer allergies caused by pollen. With its functions of dehumidification, air conditioning and ventilation, the Minotair makes the home much more comfortable even when the windows are closed. In addition, the optional micro-filtration system easily traps microscopic particles making the inside air pollen-free.

For asthma cases, it is without a doubt that better ventilation of enclosed spaces can make a big difference.

Please take also a look at the Air-T-Rex. It is a simple and affordable solution to get rid of airborne particles like pollen and dust.

Indoor swimming pool
After the installation of an interior swimming pool, the indoor moisture level suddenly increases to dangerous levels.

Likely cause: When the temperature of the water in the swimming pool is higher than the temperature of the ambient air, the evaporation increases causing an equivalent rise in the household moisture level. We know that in winter, a humidity level higher than 40% is hazardous for the house and its structure.

Practical solution: A multifunctional ventilation system offers probably the most effective solution for this type of problem. Please contact us for the most appropriate dehumidifier for your swimming pool.

Cigarette and bad odors
Cigarette smoke and other bad smells annoy you.

Likely cause: Lack of ventilation. The current norm recommends a complete air exchange each 3 hours. That means that if you want to breathe a good quality air, it is necessary to completely renew the indoor air at least 8 times a day.

Practical solution: Whatever your needs, Nilan has a system that will meet them. With air flows from 60 cfm (cubic feet/minute) to 10,500 cfm we have solutions for a room, a whole house or an entire commercial building. Our specialists can calculate exactly how much ventilation you need for whatever application you have.

Pollution at work
Your building indoor air quality does not meet the requirements of regulating authorities.

Likely cause: Lack of ventilation or too much particles in the air.

Practical solution: This problem requires an investigation on the site. This is not an easy problem because it generally involves the entire building. On the other hand, if you need a fast, simple and low cost solution to protect yourself, please take a look at the Air-T-Rex.



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