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NOTE: Nilan recently decided to stop selling its products in North America. However, you can count on us to service existing equipment.

The Air Exchanger for an Outstanding Interior Microclimate

No more fogged,
frosted or trickling windows

In winter, our insulated homes form an airtightbarrier between us and the outside air.

We are often stuck inside during the long winter months. And so is the moisture generated by our daily activities.

This causes a lot of problems. Fogged and frosted windows. Moulds. Lingering odors. Decreased oxygen in the air…

This means that, in winter, the microclimate in our home is often unhealthy. Not only for us, but also for the building itself.

To combat this problem, we need to ventilate. But ventilation is expensive since we have to heat the fresh and often icy incoming air.

This is the dilemma of the past two decades, but we need not worry any more. Finally, here is some good news:

Nilan has designed the first completely programmable microclimate air exchanger with a heat recovery heat pump


Nilan's microclimate air exchanger is not like standard air-to-air heat exchangers. It is an air exchanger built around a mini heat pump, and it actually saves you money!


With Nilan's technology you can get plenty of fresh air without increasing your heating bill. This is possible because the heat pump extracts energy from the expelled air. In fact, it can extract three times more energy from the air than it consumes. This is like free energy!

But there is more. Keep reading!

Now, the cool part. Usually, air exchangers are of no use during the summer. But thanks to the reversible mini heat pump, Nilan's microclimate air exchanger can actively dehumidify your basement and even cool parts of your house during heat waves. No regular air exchanger can do that.

Nilan goes beyond everything else.

Advanced Functions

  • Central home ventilation
  • Winter dehumidification
  • Window defogger, defroster
  • Eliminates odors
  • Reoxygenates the air at the optimum level of 21%
  • Preheats cold air for free (mini heat pump)
  • Ultra efficient air filtering
  • Choice of air filters for all problems (allergies, outside odors, etc.)
  • Electronically controlled with multiple sensors
  • Fully programmable
  • Dehumidifies in summer
  • Air conditioning capabilities
  • Automatic cool/heat mode (thermostatic)


Optimum Central Ventilation

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pdf brochure click
on the picture

Before the Nilan programmable air exchanger, it was usually difficult to balance and adjust the quantity of fresh air in your house because this varies according to the number of people at home during the day, their activities, and the area of the house.

Some families produce more moisture than others.

When you cook, you produce moisture. When you spend time at home, you
produce moisture. If you have teenagers, their seemingly endless showers produce moisture. If you decrease lower the temperature in your house during the night, you will see more condensation on your windows.

For all these reasons, the Nilan microclimate air exchanger is fully programmable and adjustable.

For the first time, you will have complete control of the microclimate of your home.

You will breath better. You will sleep better. Your windows will last longer. The insulation in your walls will stay dryer, which will make your house warmer. You will keep moulds and allergens outside. Your bathroom will stay fresher. And nobody will know what you have eaten for dinner

To achieve an optimum home ventilation level, it is recommended to supply fresh air to the bedrooms and living rooms and to extract polluted air (and moisture) from the kitchen and bathrooms.


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