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Our mission: To offer you an outstanding interior microclimate, in winter as in summer, at home or at the office.

Putting an end to the sick building syndrome: Since the introduction of energy saving measures in buildings, the indoor air quality has continually decreased.

More and more often, we hear architects and builders talking about the sick building syndrome. 

By increasing the air tightness of buildings in order to reduce their heating costs, we have also reduced, without fully realizing it, the natural ventilation of these buildings.

Results did not took long to appear:  Respiratory troubles for the occupants (particularly for the children and the older people) and condensation and moisture problems for the building.

Fortunately, we now have new highly efficient tools to fight these problems.

We can now increase not only the air quality of any building but also solve all the other technical and sanitary related issues. At the same time, we can increase your comfort level and decrease your energy bill. And the age of the building is no longer a problem.

Welcome into the house with a perfect interior microclimate!

Yes, it is possible to live in a house that is healthy, energy efficient, pleasant, comfortable, and problem free. Here are four important points to consider in order for reaching this objective:

Intelligent and thermodinamic ventilation with a Minotair

First, you need to ventilate. This is the first condition. And this ventilation should be done year round because problems change according to each season.

With our Minotair thermodynamic air exchanger, you can not only recover energy but also dehumidify the air (summer and winter), cool and warm as needed.

We also offer service on Nilan products. Nilan recently decided to stop selling its products in North America. However, you can count on us to service existing equipment.

An intelligent air filtering system from AirFiltration.ca

Secondly, you need to filtrate the air. Here we have one of the most interesting and clever filtration system on the market: The Air-T-Rex™ of AirFiltration.ca.

Contrary to other filters companies on the market that compete to have to most microscopic cells that it is possible to make (the easiest to clog too...) we have opted for a new approach that is, in our opinion, more intelligent.

Our air filters catch dust with a sticky polymeric glue. Our cells are more loosely weaved but when dust particles pass though the filter fabric, they become prisoner of this special sticky coating. Results: Maximum air flow during all the life of the filter (this extends the life of the filter too). This is the second factor of an outstanding interior microclimate...

An intelligent protection system for your heat pump: The Weather Guard™

Next, you should protect your investment. If you own a heat pump, take a few minutes to study our new ice and snow protection system. In winter, the fan of your heat pump can project micro ice particles at hundreds of miles per hour on the vital parts of your system. Our Weather Guard™ offers a simple and intelligent way to protect both your heating system and your wallet. >>>


Don't hesitate to contact us! We are here to help you. If you want, we can also give you the names of qualified contractors that will be able to do a first class job installing of our products.

We are serious Our objective is to help you to get an outstanding interior microclimate year round!

We can supply the same products for industrial, commercial and institutional projects.



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